February 14, 2012 // Calligram Falcon Fellowship

Hello readers!

I am pleased to announce that in December I was chosen as one of five 2012 Calligram Falcon Fellows. The Calligram Falcon Fellowship is Oregon's largest visual arts fellowship. For more information, please see the press release, and visit Falcon Arts Community and Calligram Portland.

This fellowship program caps off a successful year of painting. In 2011 I painted and showed a series of 5 6'x5' and 5'x5' paintings, and completed some smaller work. The series title is "Ghosts as Cocoons". The webpage will soon be updated with this material. In the meantime, here's a preview!

Ghosts as Cocoons. 2011. 6'x5', Oil on Canvas

As of three weeks ago, I've settled into my new studio in the Falcon Arts Community, where I'm starting a series of two 6'x5' feather paintings as well as work on my next major painting series, inspired by the Dame a la Licorne tapestries in the Cluny.

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