November 1, 2009 // The Stare's Nest (2009) Series II Artist Statement, Lille

I began work on The Stare's Nest at the beginning of 2008. Influenced by the subtractive process in intaglio, where a printer teases out the shades of figures from a completely dark plate, I developed paintings in which incomplete portions of birds and feathers penetrate, emerge from and are obscured by a Northern Renaissance-inspired glazed black background. The title The Stare's Nest is drawn from the sixth section of Yeats' Meditations in Time of Civil War, in which Yeats invokes a counter-world inhabited by birds and insects: a nest built in the crumbling masonry of a building is a new source of life, expediting the decay of the human past and standing outside the scope of the violence and unnecessary death of war. The productive play between our ability to identify with the lived world of birds and its fundamental unfathomableness and otherness is a source of beauty, sublimity and horror, and I attempt to capture this dynamic in The Stare's Nest. In the paintings shown at Lille, I incorporate touches of landscape (branches and grass) to address the cyclical aspects of Meditations that are rooted in the seasonality of landscape and place.

Molly Maine, 24, concentrated in visual arts and literature at Sarah Lawrence College. She studied intaglio and multi-plate color etching with Sweitlan Kraczyna in Italy. Along with her own painting, Molly apprentices with Mahaffey Fine Arts and paints sets at Portland Center Stage.

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